professional GOALS

Gregg in Mali
To lead and/or contribute to Web-based software development.

Extensive experience in Web-based application development, large-scale Web site development and production dating from the early days of the Web combined with a background in traditional engineering enables me to bring a creative but well-grounded approach to all my projects.

I have fifteen years of experience with Web development. Primarily as a technologist, focusing on:

  • PHP/mySQL/Smarty/CakePHP
  • Drupal/Joomla/Wordpress
  • Javascript/DHTML/AJAX
    (jQuery, YUI, prototype)
  • Apache/IIS
  • Git, CVS, SVN (Tortoise)
  • Windows/Mac/UNIX
  • Adobe CS
Additionally, I have experience as a manager, in user interface design, and in the areas of digital imaging and audio and video editing.