professional EXPERIENCE

Since 1995 I've been working in Web development. Prior to that I worked in the fields of acoustics and electrical engineering.

W E B    D E V E L O P M E N T

Independent Contractor
Consulting Engineer / Developer
December 2008 - Present
Lead and contributing developer - both frontend and backend - as well as Web technolgy consulting and technical project management.

Professional Aptitude Council (PAC)
Main product site (web-based application) -
Secondary product site -
Corporate site -
XHTML/CSS and jQuery in a Ruby-on-Rails environment.

Cal Alumni Association (UC Berkeley)
I partnered with a design agency (Sequence) on this one, leading all aspects of technology consulting and development. I was involved throughout the exploration and design phases, helping the client assess requirements and ultimately choose Drupal as their backend framework. I then handled implementation.

HP Global Citizenship Report
Javascript, CSS and XHTML.

The Grove
This was mostly javascript, CSS and XHTML with some Wordpress customization as well.

Drupal based site. I handled all aspects of technology, project management, and development.

I handled all aspects of technology and development. XHTML/CSS and Javascript.

Contributing developer. XHTML/CSS

MetaDesign Inc.
Lead Technologist
February 2006 - December 2008
Developer contributing to all aspects of Web work for client projects.

Omago Inc.
Owner / CTO / Lead Developer
October 2004 - June 2007
Web site design and development for an e-commerce business selling magazine subscriptions.
  • Determined technical site requirements
  • Lead technologist for design and development (PHP, mySQL, Javascript, X-Cart)
  • User interface and site architecture

madnomad Press
Owner / CTO / Lead Developer
April 2004 - Present
Web site design and development for a small, homegrown greeting cards business.
  • Determined site requirements (both technical and content)
  • Lead technologist for design and development (PHP, mySQL, Javascript)
  • User interface and site architecture

Independent Contractor
Consulting Engineer / Developer
December 2002 - February 2006
  • MetaDesign - San Francisco, CA
    Production and Coding for client projects
  • Carlson Marketing - San Francisco, CA
    Production and Coding for client projects
  • San Francisco Estuary Project: ESTUARY Newsletter - Oakland, CA
    Technical Consultant, Content Management System, Production, Coding
  • R3Connect, Inc. (now DialogWorks) - San Francisco, CA
    Technical Consultant, Production, Coding
  • BootsnAll - Eugene, OR
    Web-based publishing system (prototype)
  • Radius Real Estate - Pleasantville, NY
    UI Design, Site Architecture, Technical Consultant, Production, Coding
  • Ethical Traveler - Berkeley, CA
    UI Design, Site Architecture, Technical Consultant, Coding
  • Acupuncture Artistry - San Francisco, CA
    UI Design, Site Architecture, Technical Consultant, Production, Coding
  • Kent Bicycles - Parsipanny, NJ
    PHP/mySQL Design and Development
  • Brad Newsham Photo Gallery - Oakland, CA
    Concept, Graphic Production, Coding, Database
  • CGGL, Inc. - San Francisco, CA
    UI Design, Site Architecture, Graphic Design, Production, Coding, Database
  • - San Francisco, CA
    ASP based publishing engine, Database, Blog implementation, video production

Consulting Engineer / Developer
March 2001 - November 2002
OSIsoft is the world's leading provider of industrial plant management software. As a consulting engineer I've been part of a small team brought in to handle all aspects of Web strategy and development.
  • Determined site requirements (both technical and content)
  • Lead technologist for design and development (ASP, SQL Server, Indexing Service, RedDot, Google API)
  • User interface and site architecture
  • Content Management System selection process
  • Lead Content Management System developer (RedDot)
  • Webmaster hiring process and subsequent training

Software Development Manager
January 2001 to February 2001

Senior Applications Engineer
July 2000 - December 2000
ShopTok was an Application Service Provider utilizing Microsoft technologies; typically ASP/ADO, SQL Server 7.0 (stored procedures), server-side VBScript and client-side JavaScript. Development undertaken on Win2000 in CVS.
  • Developed advanced capabilities for ShopTok's TokSupport application encompassing ASP/ADO, VBScript, SQL Server, JavaScript and cross-browser DHTML.
  • Responsible for deploying TokSupport for clients on ShopTok hosted servers.
  • Wrote functional design specification and developed prototype and v1.0 for latest ShopTok application - a Deployment Tool for automating and tracking deployments of all ShopTok applications. Work included developing application architecture, database design and development, coding (ASP/ADO, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML/DHTML) and user interface design. Served as project manager and lead programmer for this project which included a team of seven engineers.

As Software Development Manager, I took on additional responsibilities managing the work of four developers in addition to continuing to code.
Founder, Lead Developer

April 1999 to July 2000 was a personal endeavor to maintain a content-rich Web site during a thirteen month trip around the world without carrying a computer or relying on assistance from anyone back home.
  • Developed web-based publishing system and front-end Web site. Sole programmer (Cold Fusion, MS Access, HTML, JavaScript), system architecture and user interface design.
  • The madnomad publishing system was used successfully via cybercafes in sixteen countries across North and West Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and China.
  • Site gained high visibility within independent traveler community as well as with armchair travelers and generated strong interest among traditional educational publishers (Encyclopedia Britannica) and national/international news media.

Technologist - Dynamic Systems
September 1998 to April 1999

Senior Professional - Internet Production
October 1997 to August 1998

Manager - Internet Production
May 1996 to September 1997

Online Production Engineer
November 1995 to April 1996
Responsible for growing Ikonic's Internet Production department from its inception to its status realizing award-winning designs for some of the largest, most sophisticated sites on the web.

In April of 1998, Ikonic was acquired by USWeb.
  • Developed standard methodologies for HTML and JavaScript development, Content Management, Bug Tracking and Document Generation via proprietary systems.
  • Conceived and built automated web development tools using Filemaker Pro, web-based front-ends and Visual Basic for Applications.
  • Production Lead and/or Production Management for the following Ikonic/USWeb projects:

         AT&T - CFO Intranet
         Ikonia (Ikonic Intranet)
         Kenwood USA
         General Motors Canada
         GGN (World Economic Forum)
         Matthew Bender
         Microsoft Windows 95 Anniversary
         Microsoft Windows Family
         Pacific Bell atHand
         Pacific Stock Exchange
         Rogers Wave
         Standard & Poors
In September 1998 I transitioned from the Production Department into the Technology Department working primarily as a Cold Fusion programmer. In this capacity I served as technical lead developing a web based publishing system commissioned by founder and then CEO of USWeb, Joe Firmage.


Acoustical Engineer

November 1993 to November 1995
December 1987 to December 1992
  • Acoustical studies for Sears Point International Raceway, Shoreline Amphitheater, Sycamore Creek Development (Bramalea California) and the San Jose Sports Arena.
  • Sound and Video Systems design for the California State Fairground and various office buildings, schools and churches.
  • Computer support and programming of proprietary applications software for use in the group offices (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver) including database programming, automated document generation and an employee timesheet system.
In 1993 I took a ten month sabbatical to travel.

E L E C T R I C A L    E N G I N E E R I N G

Technical Services Engineer

July 1984 to June 1986
Project lead for the manufacture and test of circuit board prototypes and preliminary production runs for multi-processor systems.